About Prudence School

Prudence is school dedicated to honing and nurturing the intellectual, social and emotional growth of each student. We aspire to attain academic excellence through a rigorous academic programme which encourages inquiry, creativity and innovation so as to tap the rich human potential of each student and prepare them to successfully compete in a global environment. The school firmly believes and imparts its core values i.e. Excellence, Integrity, Respect & Responsibility, Leadership, Community, Creativity & Innovation to help students thrive in today's world.
Prudence Group of Schools are amongst the most prestigious schools in Delhi/NCR, having 10000 students across 7 campuses and is spreading its wings across the country.
Prudence is pioneering a new Paradigm of Excellence in Secondary Education through a learner centred educational system aimed at awakening and fostering the latent capacity of each student. It has been successful in providing the best possible physical, intellectual, moral and cultural training to its students in order that they may realise their true potential.

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